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Stuntz Academy has always maintained a distinguished reputation throughout the competitive cheer squad industry.

We have been in serving the children and community since 2003. Our goal is to give your children a way to stay fit and develop a competitive attitude while building confidence in themselves. One of the ways that we accomplish this goal is with tumble classes which teach the importance of technique and hard work in a fun atmosphere, while instilling confidence and success.

We have formed numerous competitive cheer teams that have shown steady growth and success. In our first competitive season in 2005, we won two national championships and one state title. Since then, our athletes have continued to win more and more competitions at both the state and national levels.

All of our classes are a great way for your children to get fit for other sports in which they might be involved. We place an emphasis on hard work and a good attitude.

Our philosophy is based on three factors: team, commitment, and family. We strive to work together as a team amidst all other activities vying for your time. The commitment that we stress filters down from our coaches to your children. Being a "family" and the commitment shown from coaches, athletes, and parents is what has generated the success of Stuntz Academy.

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